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The roots of Studio Traduzioni Dott. Annita Brindani lie in the passion for foreign languages and cultures of its owner, Dr. Annita Brindani, who founded the Studio in 1993 after having graduated from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan with a magna cum laude degree in modern languages and literature.
From its inception, the Studio’s collaboration with a number of publications and publishing houses has allowed it to mature in-depth expertise in the magazine and book publishing sectors. But this has not prevented constant broadening and diversification in the range of sectors in which it has special competence, the result being outstanding expertise in the area of sports, specifically football, as well as the pipeline sector. It also has significant experience and competence in a range of other fields, including mechanical and electrical engineering, construction, food and food products, computer science, legal, advertising, medical, scientific, business and economics and finance.

Over the years, the areas in which the Studio is involved have continued to diversify and currently involve not only translation and interpreting services, but also language courses, transcription, dubbing and voice-over, as well as organization of conferences, meetings and events in general.

This expansion has gone hand-in-hand with the growth of the Studio’s in-house staff and pool of collaborators. Today, Dr. Brindani is aided by three full-time employees, individual consultants for each of the major language areas and a network of over 200 professional freelancers of proven experience and ability. This allows the Studio to manage projects in any sector and in all European and non-European languages with utmost skill and reliability.

The most recent development in this on-going process of growth has been its registration with Federlingue, the Italian national association which brings together the country’s largest companies offering translation, interpreting and language course services.