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In order to provide customers a full-service package, our range of activities also includes simultaneous, consecutive, whispered and business interpreting for conferences, workshops, business meetings, company events, etc.

Our services not only include highly-skilled, professional interpreters, but also technical and logistic organization to provide a full, turnkey product. For more information, please see the Conference/Meeting/Event Organization section.


The most-requested service in numerous types of events (international conferences, interviews with foreign dignitaries, business meetings) where people speaking different languages will be present and which must be performed within a fairly strict timeframe.

In simultaneous translation, the interpreters (normally two for each language pair) work inside a sound-proof booth, listening to the proceedings through a headset and translating simultaneously for the audience in the room which can listen to the translation through special headsets.

Depending on the length of the event and context, it may be possible to utilize only one interpreter in the booth.


This type of service calls for the presence of an interpreter next to the speaker who must interrupt his or her presentation at regular intervals to allow the interpreter to translate the discourse on the basis of the notes he or she has taken. Consecutive translation is suited to situations such as press conferences or events in which only one speaker does not speak the working language of the event. It can be combined with whispered translation.


A type of translation service normally utilized during business meetings with a small number of participants, or at trade fairs, business negotiations, business lunches, etc. The interpreter listens to short sections of a discourse and then translates into the final language without requiring the use of a booth or other equipment.


A type of simultaneous translation that is performed without the use of a booth and other equipment because the translation is whispered into the ear of the person (or small group of people) requiring translation.


For assistance during trade fairs or conventions, we can provide hostesses or stewards to welcome visitors and provide assistance, including in a foreign language, at the client’s stand.


This service can either be provided at the client’s offices or by remote with the interpreter creating a telephone bridge between the client and foreign party. This is especially useful for those companies which need to communicate effectively and immediately with a foreign party, but who do not have their own in-house department.