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Precision, coherence and uniformity of style and terminology are key concepts in the world of translation. And they must be guaranteed not only within a given text, but also over time for all work translated for the same client and/or within the same sector.

At the base of a good translation is always in-depth research into proper terminology, the results of which are entered into our glossary archive where they can be accessed for future projects.  For each client and/or sector we have a glossary for each language pair and glossaries are updated with new sector-relevant terminology each time we are assigned a new translation.

Because clients themselves are the ones who know best the sectors in which they operate, if we have any questions, we always ask for clarification to find the most suitable semantic equivalent for specific terms, or the best way to render the communicative intent of the original document. For this reason, any reference material provided by the client is extremely useful and is always taken into full consideration.

Each job is assigned to professional translators who only translate into their mother tongue. In addition to language competency, translators are also selected on the basis of personal expertise in the specific subject area of the document to be translated. Before being delivered to the client, each translation undergoes revision by our in-house staff to guarantee maximum quality and coherence of style and terminology.

You can be sure that each job is done with utmost care and reliability, and within the agreed deadline.

Our meticulous, almost maniacal, attention to precision over terminology and our collaborative synergic relationship with our clients are also the basis for the success of each job.

For interpreting work, depending on the specific sector involved and method requested (for more detailed information, please refer to the Interpreting Services section), we select the best interpreter for each job, and in order to guarantee customers continuity, to the extent possible, we always assign the same interpreter to a given project. This allows them to expand and enrich their expertise in that area and means that a relationship based on trust and familiarity is created between the client and language consultant.